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    With innovation and excellence in 4 business areas, Embraer offers Commercial, Executive, Defense and Agricultural aircraft.

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    Commercial Aviation

    Many passengers have had the pleasant experience of flying on Embraer airplanes with Brazilian and foreign airline companies. We currently have more than 90 customers worldwide. This international scope reflects the quality of our airplanes, and also the fact that the jets produced by Embraer have established themselves as essential tools for the development of aviation, worldwide. Around 900 regional jets from the ERJ 145 family delivered by Embraer are currently flying on five continents and are operated by more than 30 airlines. They have surpassed the impressive mark of 13 million cycles and 15 million flight hours. This 37 to 50 seat segment reached maturity and has become established due to aircraft originating from smaller cities and airports that feed passengers to main flights in larger airports (hubs). The 70 to 130 seat E-Jets have a strategic function in airline companies, helping them to maintain their competitive edge.

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    LINEAGE 1000E
    LEGACY 650
    LEGACY 600
    LEGACY 500
    LEGACY 450
    PHENOM 300
    PHENOM 100E

    Executive Jets

    Embraer announced its entrance in the Business Aviation market in 2000. The success of the Legacy 600 since its entry into service in 2002 was followed by the launch of revolutionary products and continued investments in customer support and services. The executive jets Phenom 100E, Phenom 300, Legacy 450, Legacy 500, Legacy 600, Legacy 650 and Lineage 1000E are positioned at the top of their categories, offering ample space and ultimate comfort, outstanding performance and a low operational cost. Furthermore, Embraer's heritage of developing aircraft for high utilization adds to its executive jets unmatched characteristics in the market, resulting in high aircraft availability and simple maintenance. Satisfying customers' needs is the main driver of Embraer's executive jets. This behavior justifies the market large acceptance experienced by our products and confirms our commitment to customers.

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    EMBRAER 145 MP

    Defense & Security

    Embraer's defense aircraft provide advanced, fourth-generation technology and superior mission performance while meeting the budgetary requirements of defense programs worldwide. Every Embraer aircraft begins with an in-depth assessment of our customers' mission. Years of experience have taught us that ground conditions are seldom ideal and that turnaround times are short. Maintenance materials are usually scarce, and pilots often need to return to base on severely damaged aircraft. Designed to meet these challenges, our Defense aircraft have earned the praise of both the pilots who fly them and the ground crews who maintain them in a constant state of readiness. All our defense aircraft provide state-of-the-art electronics, reliability, and high mission effectiveness. Combine that with low acquisition and operation costs, and it's easy to see why more than 20 air forces around the world rely on Embraer Defense Systems for surveillance, combat, and training missions. We also offer solutions for training and light attack aircraft with the Super Tucano, a proven success in all applications. More than 100 aircraft have been produced and delivered to the Brazilian Air Force, and other air forces throughout the world. Embraer is also designing one of the most modern and complete aircraft in its category: the KC-390.

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    Agricultural Aviation

    The Ipanema is the market leader, with 50 years of continuous production and over 1,300 units sold, representing about 75% of the nation's fleet in this segment.

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