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    1. Using this page, every person who relates directly or indirectly with Embraer (employees, clients, third parties, shareholders) can record a harmful practice that may, in some way, be jeopardizing Embraer.

      In general, a person commits a harmful practice when he/she acts in disagreement with:
      - Embraer's Code of Ethics and Conduct;
      - Embraer's accounting, fiscal and financial practices.


      Channel is not to be used to express complaints, discontent or dissatisfaction related to the following matters:

      1. - bus schedule and/or itinerary
      2. - parking
      3. - restaurant
      4. - outpatient and medical care
      5. - location of smoking areas
      6. - bank agencies
      7. - profit sharing program (PSP)
      8. - promotions from within
      9. - general services: air conditioning, locksmith, cleaning, maintenance, area layout, telephony, copy machines, etc.

      Using this Channel in a proper, impersonal and responsible manner is a way to contribute towards the future of Embraer.

      1. Confidentiality

        All accusations made through this channel shall be analyzed and classified by an independent company especially contracted for this purpose. It shall forward the accusations in a confidential manner to the respective Ethics and Auditing Committees.
        Since the accusation is made in a confidential manner, it is not possible to offer any return on the result of the investigation.
        Those who so prefer can use the Postal service: Caixa Postal no. 11.331 - CEP 05422-970 - São Paulo, SP.

      2. ?

        Select this option to write a repot about an act or behavior that are not following Embraer’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.


        Please select this option in case you have been exposed to a misconduct behavior that can be dangerous to Accounting, Fiscal or Financial Practices

      3. Please identify yourself or your report will be disregarded.
      4. Describe what was violated, the financial sum involved or the event that breached accounting, fiscal or financial practices.
      5. Inform who suffered and who committed (complete name) the act, and if possible, the people and companies that participated directly and indirectly in the fact.
      6. If the practice is still going on, indicate when it began. If it is no longer taking place, inform when it began and when it ended. With what frequency or when was or is it carried out? Where did it happen?
        • Does the fact involve the embezzlement or misappropriation of financial assets or resources?
        • Does the fact involve any accounting fraud?
        • Does the fact involve any irregularity with suppliers or service providers in a Third Party - Embraer relationship?
      7. Are there documents, objects, information or records that corroborate the fact? If yes, point them out. Observation: fiscal evidence must be sent by mail to Caixa Postal no. 11.331 - CEP 05422-970 - São Paulo, SP.
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