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Development advances on the Company’s military airlifter and tanker


São José dos Campos, September 8, 2011 – Embraer Defense and Security has selected AEL Sistemas S.A., of Porto Alegre, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to supply the mission computer for the KC-390 military airlifter and tanker jet, which is advancing well, as it moves through its development stages.

“The complexity of Embraer’s innovative, hi-tech KC-390 requires world-class suppliers,” said Eduardo Bonini Santos Pinto, Sr. Vice President Operations & COO, Embraer Defense and Security. “In light of that need, our long-standing partner, AEL, again meets the Company’s stringent criteria, which are based on perceived market needs.”

The mission computer to be provided by AEL for the KC-390 aircraft will consolidate a successful partnership in providing mission computers for other Embraer programs, such as the Super Tucano, A-1M, and F-5BR. The computer will provide the required computational power to host the software responsible for integrating important mission systems, like tactical radar, self-protection system, data-link, and the airdrop release point calculation. Such additional features as robustness, flexibility and scalability were fundamental for choosing AEL to supply the mission computer for the KC-390 Program.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Embraer to supply the mission processor for the KC-390,” commented Vitor Neves, AEL Vice President, Operations. “This is yet another milestone in the long and fruitful relationship between AEL and Embraer, and we believe that this new selection will further strengthen the cooperation between both companies.”

About AEL Sistemas

AEL Sistemas S.A. ( is a Brazilian company with headquarters in Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul, and a 28-year history. With 250 employees, it is a leader in manufacturing aviation hardware and software in Brazil. The company produces equipment for defense (armed forces), space, automotive sector, and homeland security. It is also involved in logistical support and invests to increase its participation in developing and manufacturing technology.