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High school is sized for 600 students in three years


São José dos Campos, February 4, 2002 – Embraer informed today the unveiling of the commemorative plaque for start of activities of Eng. Juarez Wanderley School, an enterprise under the responsibility of the Institute Embraer of Education and Research (IEEP). The ceremony was attended by Brazil’s Minister of Education, Paulo Renato Souza, the President of Education Commission of the Congress, Rep. Walfrido Mares Guia (PTB-MG) and the Mayor of São José dos Campos Emanuel Fernandes (PSDB), in addition to several other authorities and representatives of Education and Third Sector segments.

The Eng. Juarez Wanderley School was so named to honor former Embraer President and CEO, inspirer and defender of Education and Training-based initiatives as means to improve employees qualification and to attain productivity gains during the 24 years of his professional life dedicated to Embraer. Born in Bocaiúva, State of Minas Gerais, engineer Juarez Wanderley passed away in 1997.

Early afternoon, educator Antonio Carlos Gomes da Costa, one of the authors of the Statute of Children and Adolescent, conducted the inaugural class at the school located at Embraer’s Eugênio de Melo plant, also located in the São José dos Campos municipality.

“The creation of the Institute Embraer of Education and Research, in May 2001, enables Embraer’s Social Action to grow beyond the context resulting from its entrepreneurial actions, steering our efforts and aggregating our administrative and financial capacities in a way to contribute to the ongoing Country’s actions at an determinant area for its future, which is Education. Our role will be aimed to High School at the communities where we are players, in that the Eng. Juarez Wanderley School we are inaugurating today is the first achievement, besides other ongoing initiatives in the scope of specialization in Aeronautical Engineering and Exterior Trade”, said the President and CEO of Embraer Maurício Botelho.

Conceived and materialized in less than six months, the school will hold 200 students for the first year, selected among over 6.000 applicants after an evaluation process late 2001, to whom two more groups of 200 will join in the coming two years. All students are entitled for a scholarship that includes free classes, transport, meals, didactic material and uniforms.

The operation of the school will follow a model implemented by Sistema Pitágoras, an education-oriented group that holds a large experience in the Brazilian educational sector and covers 300 schools and 120,000 students countrywide. The pedagogic process is oriented for high academic performance and IEEP’s goal is to make the Eng. Juarez Wanderley School the benchmark for High Schools in Brazil.

The student’s daily, full-time journey will consist of seven classes, laboratory ones included, plus two additional hours for lunch, oriented study and special projects.

The school facilities total 4,200 sq. m (45,208 sq. ft.) area, especially built for this purpose on 31,000 sq. m (333,681 sq. ft.) ground, and includes two multipurpose sports rinks and cloakrooms. The classrooms are provided with multimedia resources and a layout that allows several arrangements. Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Information Technology, Communications and Arts and Workmanship labs, besides the Language lab, are some of the resources available, together with the cafeteria planned to host teachers, employees and up to 600 students.