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 Petrobras and Embraer sign Memorandum of Understanding to assess the reliability of critical systems of the oil and gas industry


Houston, TX, United States, May 5, 2014 - Petrobras and Embraer, two Brazilian multinational companies recognized for their technical excellence in their fields of expertise, will sign today during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), in Houston, a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of applying the rigorous standards practiced in the aerospace industry to assess the requirements and architecture of critical systems used in the exploration and production of oil and gas from the standpoint of safety, reliability and maintainability. The first project will focus on the BOP (Blow-Out Preventer), which is responsible for ensuring the sealing of oil wells. The effectiveness of the activities still depend of a formal contract between the parties.

This partnership also opens a market perspective for the new Embraer Systems business unit, created to apply in other industries the technologies and knowledge developed and mastered by the company, making it a benchmark in the Aerospace and Defense & Security markets.

"Bringing together two Brazilian companies recognized for their world-class technological expertise has all the chances of achieving new accomplishments that can become a global reference,” says Rudimar Lorenzatto Andreis, Executive Manager of Offshore Well Construction Petrobras. "In its commitment to continuous improvement, Petrobras pursues the establishment of a new level of safety and operational efficiency in the construction of offshore wells through the application of knowledge to defining the requirements, reliability and maintenance inherent to the aerospace industry."

“Embraer systems is proud to have been chosen to work in partnership with the company that is the leader in developing and applying technology to oil production in deep and ultra-deep water, and one of the companies in the sector that invests in world research and innovation," says Daniel Moczydlower, President and CEO of Embraer Systems. "We believe that technological collaboration between the oil industry and the aerospace industry can leverage important advances that will bring them mutual benefits to these industries and their respective chains of suppliers and partners."

Preliminary studies conducted by the two companies show great potential for developing solutions through the partnership. Embraer and Petrobras understand owning synergies of expertise in areas such as reliability and safety of critical systems applied to production. The sum of these skills provides a very positive outlook for joint action.

Steve Colville, president and CEO of the IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors - commented that this initiative will increase the already significant industry efforts to improve the reliability of oil well control. The IADC recently created the WCI - Well Control Institute - to consolidate the standards and training in this subject. The work that now begins between Petrobras and Embraer aims the continuous improvement in this critical area of drilling operations. The IADC hopes to collaborate with Petrobras and Embraer in this effort.

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Petrobras is a public-held company, whose major shareholder is the Brazilian government, and acts as an integrated energy company in the following sectors: exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, petrochemical, distribution of oil, natural gas, energy electric, gas, chemical and biofuels.
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About Embraer Systems

Embraer Systems was created with the goal of applying the excellence in high technology systems that Embraer already masters to contribute to other capital-intensive markets, where efficiency, reliability and security are critical elements. The creation of Embraer Systems is part of the company's diversification strategy that has been conducted in recent years as a way of strengthening its growth and business. For more information, visit

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