Code of Ethics and Conduct

Embraer developed the first version of its Code of Ethics back in December 2004 (click to download) with the aim reflecting and establishing its values and its corporate culture, consolidated over the years.

Embraer’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, distributed in 2005 and reviewed in 2010, guarantees Embraer’s sustainable growth, and is responsible for the Company’s alignment with the UN Global Compact and its fundamental principles, which have been formally respected by Embraer since 2008.

The Code is in complete coherence with the law and best corporate practices in the countries where Embraer operates. It is applied throughout the Company, including its subsidiaries in and out of Brazil.

All employees, managers, clients, suppliers and shareholders as well as everyone involved with Embraer must comply with the Code.

Those who violate the Code will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Embraer’s Code of Ethics and Conduct is valid for an indefinite period of time and will be updated when necessary or at least every two years. Therefore, the Code will always be updated and will contribute to the orientation of the Company’s visions, actions and behaviors that will guarantee the perpetuity of the Company.

Furthermore, Embraer has Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors (Human Resources Committee, Strategic Committee, and Risk Management Committee) and Advisory Committees to the Company’s Management (Ethics and Conduct Committee and Sustainability Committee), responsible for keeping the content of the Code updated and with effective practice. ​​​​​​​