Annual Report 2016

Israel Vainboim, Josué Christiano Gomes da Silva, Samir Zraick, Alexandre Gonçalves Silva, Sérgio Eraldo de Salles Pinto, Alexandre Magalhães Filho, Cecília Mendes Garcez Siqueira, José Magno Resende de Araújo, João Cox Neto, Pedro Wongtschowski and Hebert Claros da Silva

Message from the Board of Directors


2016 was a year marked by important events for the company. The continued development of the E2 Programs in Commercial Aviation and of the KC-390 Program in Defense and Security has progressed successfully, and on track with the schedule established for certification and entry into operations in 2018.

Significant changes were made to the Board of Executive Officers, with the appointment of a new President and CEO, Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva, formerly the head of the Commercial Aviation unit, the company’s main business, and the replacement of the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, with the hiring of Fabiana Klajner Leschziner. Additionally, new leaders were selected for Commercial and Executive Aviation, and the creation of a new business unit was announced with a focus on Service and Support. These changes aim to bring the company closer to final customers and to increase the agility of the company’s decision-making process.

After six years of in-depth independent investigations and the company’s unrestricted collaboration, an agreement was reached with Brazilian authorities (Federal Public Prosecutor and the Securities and Exchange Commission) and U.S. authorities (Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission) due to certain irregularities identified in four sales contracts, this past decade. The company has greatly strengthened its Compliance and Internal Controls Program and has implemented an ongoing training program for ethics in relationships with its business partners, both internal and external. Additionally, important structural changes have been made over the last few years, with the Compliance and Internal Audit department now reporting to the Board of Directors through the Audit and Risk Committee. The company has learned from these facts and is taking the necessary steps to ensure that similar events never happen again.

We look to the future with great optimism, backed by a modern and competitive portfolio of products in all business units, by the satisfaction of our current customers, by the level of governance achieved and by the high quality of our employees.

Alexandre Gonçalves Silva
President of the Board of Directors